Great news for Shadow of the Colossus movie that might never get made

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Last year we got two bits of bad news about a possible movie adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus. The first bit of bad news was that it was attached to the director of Chronicle, Josh Trank. That was bad news if you saw Chronicle. The second bit of bad news — which maybe wasn’t bad news given the first bit of bad news — was that Trank would do the Fantastic Four reboot for an early 2015 release. I can think of more than 600 million reasons that 20th Century Fox is keen to get a Fantastic Four reboot underway.

Of course, attaching a hot new talent to a relatively unknown videogaming franchise is no guarantee anything is ever going to come of it, particularly if it has to happen quickly. But today, The Hollywood Reporter notes Sony hired Seth Lochhead to write a new Shadow of the Colossus script, replacing the previous script from the guy who did the Chun Li Street Fighter movie. Did you even know there was a Chun Li movie? Because there was. Give that a look and now imagine the same foundation for a Shadow of the Colossus adaptation.

Lochhead, on the other hand, wrote the script for Hanna, a smart and richly textured fairy tale about children coming to terms with their parents and vice versa, but packaged inside a thriller about a teenage assassin. I’m delighted at the idea of a Seth Lochhead Shadow of the Colossus adaptation.

It’s still entirely likely a Shadow of the Colossus movie will get swept under the rug. It’s not an ongoing franchise for Sony, and cult hit videogames don’t tend to pack the theaters, even when they are part of an ongoing franchise. For the time being, your Shadow of the Colossus silver-screen fix will have to come from its godawful appearance in Mike Binder’s sappy post-9/11 drama, Reign over Me.