You won’t be seeing Massive’s version of Avatar for a few more years

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You probably don’t remember James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game from Lightstorm Entertainment and Ubisoft Montreal. No one really does. Despite using the same engine as Ubisoft’s more recent Far Cry games to serve up otherworldly visuals, the game was kind of a dud. It sold 2.7 million copies, but it never rose above its throwaway movie tie-in reputation. It was quickly dismissed and disappeared from everyone’s consciousness. When Ubisoft announced earlier this year that they were working on a new Avatar game, reactions were mixed. Partly, this was because the idea of four more Avatar movies sounded bonkers. Interest was piqued when it was revealed that Massive would be developing it and they were using Snowdrop as the engine – the same one currently powering The Division. If anything, The Division does some interesting things with co-op gameplay. Perhaps it could be good?

Alas, the next Avatar game will not be coming any time soon. Savvy analysts noticed that Ubisoft’s investor report included no mention of the game. There was news about the next South Park game, the upcoming sequel to The Crew, and there was even a new logo to herald the next Assassin’s Creed. For Avatar? Nothing. When asked by IGN, Ubisoft explained the omission. The Avatar game won’t be released before the next movie, and since Avatar 2’s premiere was pushed back to 2020, we can’t expect the game before then. That leaves plenty of time for Massive to model floating islands and ill-fitting loincloths.