Verdun will let you die ignobly in the mud the way you’ve always wanted

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Whenever a new military shooter like Battlefield or Call of Duty comes out, there are always voices lamenting that game makers need to explore other settings. Why not cover the Civil War? Why not make a game about trench warfare? Outside of novelty titles like Darkest of Days, static line engagements haven’t really been featured in many shooters. You can kind of see why. Sitting in a trench or crouched behind earthworks for hours, then running over no man’s land to be gunned down in a blast of enemy machinegun fire, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Good news then that Blackmill Games and M2H have released Verdun just for fans of the First World War. It’s a hardcore multiplayer shooter like Red Orchestra, but set in the muddy slog between 1914 and 1918. Maxim guns! Bayonet charges! Mustard gas! Why die for glory when you can die horribly for futile exchanges of worthless ground?

Verdun is available on Steam.