XCOM 2 will be more than just XCOM 2 sooner than you think

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If there was one thing better than Firaxis smartly streamling X-Com with XCOM, it was John Lumpkin and Rachel Norma smartly deepening and expanding that streamlining with their ambitious Long War mod. One of my reservations about the impending release of XCOM 2 in a few weeks is that it will take a while for cool mods like Long War to catch up with the sequel.

Except that — surprise! — it won’t. Firaxis announced today that designer Lumpkin, programmer Norma, and their artist James Karlson have already been working on XCOM 2. Furthermore, they’re far enough along that “multiple mods” will be available when the game launches. Firaxis will release more details about these mods on January 30th at a PAX South panel in Texas.

XCOM 2 will be out on February 5th for PCs. There are currently no plans for a console version. Ha ha.