Ubisoft and Anno 2205 are making seasons shorter

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I wish Ubisoft would quit adding cool updates to Anno 2205. I mean, seriously, who thinks up biomes for a city builder and comes up with space stations? The game already came with the moon, and now it’s on its way to the stars? Enough already! Anno 2205 was already an insidiously effective timesink and one of my favorite citybuilders.

Oh, look who’s got new DLC, along with a near overhaul of the basic gameplay?

In case you’re worried about sinking yet more hours into Anno 2205, the new Frontiers DLC is the bad news. But if you’re a season’s pass holder, the good news is that Ubisoft is officially done with you. You got Tundra, you got Orbit, now it’s time to quit being a freeloader and pay up. Frontiers will cost you $12 on top of the $20 you paid for the season’s pass, itself on top of the $40 you paid for the game. Seasons aren’t forever. Given Anno 2205’s 11/3/15 release, seasons are only 11 months and one day.