Ben Foster sort of joins Heroes of the Storm

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Since MOBAs are apparently like sharks — they need to keep adding content or they die — I got this announcement from Blizzard today about the latest new character:

Medivh, The Last Guardian, has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of his Abilities.

That’s confusing for a couple of reasons. Isn’t The Last Guardian a Sony property? But it’s also confusing because I recognize that name. Where is Medivh from? Starcraft II? Diablo III? Those are the only recent Blizzard games I’ve played that aren’t Heroes of the Storm. I don’t remember him from those. Then where do I know him from? And then I realized, oh yeah, Medivh is what everyone in the Warcraft movie kept calling Ben Foster, who is SPOILER until it turns out SPOILER at which point he SPOILER. That’s where I recognize the name.

Anyway, he’s in Heroes of the Storm now, where he can turn into a raven. Which explains at least one of the confusing scenes in the Warcraft movie.