Something undead rises in Fallen Enchantress

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Stardock’s excellent fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress, gets a new undead faction in The Dead World, a $5 pack of downloadable content that adds the Empire of the Dead. You know the drill. These guys are your usual undead empire, with skeletons, spiders, and possessed knights in their armies and a badass spellcasting lich as the head of state. No, not Dick Cheney. But what sets them apart from the other factions in Fallen Enchantress is that they don’t eat. This means when you’re picking the best spots for your city, you don’t have to fuss with the balance between materials and food. Who cares about food when your digestive system is full of holes and maggots? This also means you don’t have to fuss with the usual bakeries, butchers, and breweries in your cites. Let those other empires waste valuable time and resources with agricultural infrastructure. All you need is the occasional graveyard to boost your city’s population limit.

But the drawback is that you only have two ways to grow your cities. The first is by finding death shards. That’s not going to be easy. And until that happens, you grow your cities by killing armies and razing enemy cities. It’s very much like the slaver faction in Fallen Enchantress, but with the added urgency of an entirely stagnant population. The dead may not eat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry.

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