Latest update for American Truck Simulator lets you have sex in your truck

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The Grand Canyon State. The land that refuses to fall back or spring forward. Joe Arpaio country. Arizona. American Truck Simulator, which is pretty much Californian Truck Simulator with big plans, now has an early version of Arizona available for your driving and delivering pleasure. Just enable the beta in Steam, download version 1.3, and explore an in-progress build of some brand new desert real estate. It’s as if the American West was a wild frontier all over again!

The beta also lets you simulate having sex in various parts of your truck. From the list of features:

Physically simulated truck and trailer coupling

So far, that’s the series’ second most hardcore nod to realism, after being able to not use your blinkers when you change lanes.

(Photography courtesy of Ginger Yellow.)

CORRECTION: I have apparently misread the feature list. According to an entry on the developer’s web site:

The standard trailer coupling allowed for quite some room in the relative positions of the kingpin and the fifth-wheel. You could also “cheat” it by approaching the trailer from an angle. The new trailer coupling option uses full physical collision simulation for the kingpin and fifth-wheel – you will be faced with the same challenge as a real truck driver. Expecting this precision from a newbie player may be too intimidating, so we are keeping the standard simple coupling as a default…