This gun won’t appear for you in Fallout 4 unless you’re a dirty cheater

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There’s a secret harpoon gun in Fallout 4. The weapon is baked in the files of the game and is not enabled, but modder xxdeathknight72xx found it and has brought it out for PC players to use. Using the mod replaces the Railway Rifle that shoots railroad spikes, but it allows you to fire harpoons at enemies – at least until the ammo runs out. It’s unclear why Bethesda discontinued work on the gun, or if the developers plan on officially adding it to the game at a later date. Is it for underwater combat gameplay that was never quite realized?

This is only one of many mods that have already appeared for Fallout 4 despite the official editing tools not being released yet. Some of the most popular mods are a revamped dialogue interface that shows the full responses the player will give, ammunition crafting, and a tool that lets you mess around with some hidden settings.