10 things no one will ever say about Gathering Sky

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Gathering Sky is an arthouse game/relaxation exercise/mildly interactive animated short about birds riding wind rails over painted landscapes and then something else. You can play parts of it with zero hands. Watch those birds flock. Chill to that cool cello. Here comes the the singer aah-aah’ing and ooh-ooh’ing, so you know you’re about to enter a new palette.

It was probably made at some indie jam games conference thing and then published on Steam so guys like me could wax poetic about it. But I’m not going to take the bait. Instead, I’m going to make a dopey list.

After the jump, ten things no one will ever say about Gathering Sky.

10. How do I check my high score on a level?

9. The boss fights are really hard.

8. Those terrain graphics sure are realistic!

7. Where’s the option to turn off the music?

6. I should be able to give my birds individual names.

5. I prefer Kenneth Pollack’s Threatening Storm.

4. Too long.

3. It’s too bad it doesn’t have multiplayer.

2. You just fly around and nothing happens.

1. It’s okay, I guess, but it’s not as good as Journey.

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  • Better than Journey!