The Force is blah blah blah big fat picture of Darth Vader on your Playstation 4

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If you’re waiting for Battlefront: Star Wars to get your Playstation 4, you’re in luck! Sony just announced a Star Wars bundle, which consists of Star Wars: Battlefront, four crappy Star Wars games* no one would ever actually buy, and the PS4 in that picture up there. While I get the theming on the console — that’s a Darth Vader portrait worthy of the side of a 1978 Dodge van — I’m not sure what’s up with the controller. Is that the official Star Wars color scheme? Did they have to write Star Wars over and over on the touchpad? Why is only the circle button red? It’s upstaging the X, as if it now has special importance. If I had that controller, I’d be tempted to press circle to fire.

The Star Wars PS4 bundle comes out on November 7th. Your move, Microsoft.

* Super Star Wars, Bounty Hunter, Racer Revenge, and Jedi Starfighter. If I’ve played any of these, I blocked it out of my memory.