New zombie mode in Black Ops III looks awfully familiar

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“You know what’s fuckin’ weird? I don’t consider this shit weird anymore.”

The reveal of the new zombie mode in Black Ops III doesn’t seem like much of a reveal. Yeah, yeah, new narrative is all well and good. But can we do something about the gameplay? I had hoped for a rework of the overall structure, in which you fail repeatedly to make any progress until you look up a walk-through online, at which point you have to balance the razor’s edge of better weapons to hold off increasingly difficult waves with unlocking the new areas you need to progress the level. All the while, dogs or zombies in exo-suits mess up the flow. Reset to zero when you fail.

At least this latest zombie mode has a new noir setting. Well, new for anyone who hasn’t been playing in Arkham Knight’s Gotham. Among the latest voice actors, Heather Graham and Jeff Goldblum are a pleasant surprise. Watch the trailer here.