Chaos Reborn is no longer multiplayer only

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The latest update for the deceptively simple but undeniably sophisticated Chaos Reborn has added single-player campaigns. You pick a campaign, move around on the map, resolve random encounters, and track down enemy wizards, with whom you fight battles. You can even go to cities to unlock rumors and buy fancy stuff. As near as I can tell, each campaign is about finding the henchmen wizards to unlock a battle with the main king wizard. Your final score, which goes onto a leaderboard, is partly determined by how long you took.

This is a great way to earn gold and experience points to equip your wizard with new staffs, armor, and talismans. It also sets up battles with unique starting conditions, such as taboos that prevent certain kinds of cards from being used or hired companions who start already in play. There’s nothing quite like beginning a battle with a dragon already by your side. I suspect in the harder campaigns, you’ll see that sort of thing flipped around to advantage the other wizard. Uh oh.

You can read the patch notes here.