Mount & Blade: Warband is getting beards and boats

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Shiver me timbers! Taleworlds has announced Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest. The DLC adds Vikings to Mount & Blade Warband. Yarrr, me mateys! It will feature bearded Norsemen, manly new arms and armor, a new sandbox map, and new game modes like sea battles and coastal raids. Avast! The team behind the popular Brytenwalda mod is working with Taleworlds on this conversion.

Viking Conquest takes the Mount & Blade franchise into historical Dark Age Britain, at a time when Norsemen began to raid the British Isles, looting monasteries and burning coastal settlements.

Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest is coming to Steam early access “soon”. Ahoy! The full sequel, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, is still being worked on by Taleworlds.