Mad Catz has a larger role in Rock Band than they ever did before

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Mad Catz is co-publishing Rock Band 4 with Harmonix. They’re not just manufacturing the new plastic instruments you’ll be jamming on, they’ll be in charge of global retail sales, promotions, and distribution for the game itself. Harmonix will still be responsible for digital sales of the game as well as track DLC. When Rock Band 4 was announced in early March, Harmonix said they were working closely with the platform manufacturers to make the old instruments work with Rock Band 4, but that the new instruments would offer many improvements. Mad Catz reiterated that sentiment.

As a hard-core Rock Band fan, I can honestly say this is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, and music fans are just going to go nuts for what Harmonix is creating! Not only that, but I truly believe that we’ll be delivering the very best music game controllers you’ve ever played with. We’re working so hard to improve all the controllers in so many ways, we think you’ll notice the difference immediately and love what we deliver!

Rock Band 4 will face competition from the recently announced Guitar Hero Live. They are both scheduled to launch later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Guitar Hero Live will also be available for mobile platforms.