The surprising return of Yume Nikki

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You probably haven’t heard of Yume Nikki from an unknown designer going by the moniker Kikiyama. Even if you’d heard of it since its debut in 2004 on a popular Japanese forum, it’s likely you haven’t played it. Translation issues aside, a surreal and unguided journey through a woman’s nightmares isn’t the kind of thing that appeals to the general audience. Based on the sometimes confounding and inscrutible gameplay, dark subject matter, and the mystery of the identity of Kikiyama, it became something of a cult experience. Slowly, the game attracted fans, but most understood that Yume Nikki would always be an obscure footnote in gaming.

Imagine their surprise when Yume Nikki popped up on Steam a few days ago for free. Not only that, it launched with a countdown (now at six days) to a new Yume Nikki experience! Publisher AGM Playsim, working with Kadokawa, confirms that the upcoming Yume Nikki title is being done with the help of the mysterious Kikiyama. As you might expect, fans of the game have erupted into a tizzy over the announcement. Whatever is coming is sure to set the Yume Nikki fandom working on new enigmas.