We’re getting the Rock Band back together

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Harmonix has announced Rock Band 4. According to the developers, they want the next Rock Band to be a platform rather than an annual release. In keeping with that strategy, their goal is to keep all your previously purchased song DLC licenses valid within the same console line. That’s good news as some dedicated fans have bought hundreds of dollars worth of tracks for their Rock Band games on the older consoles. (It’s not such great news if you switched from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4, but there was zero chance of them cooperating to share licenses.) Speaking of old hardware, Harmonix intends to work with Sony and Microsoft to make your old plastic guitars and drum sets compatible with the new consoles. If you want a new faux Fender, don’t worry. They’ll be creating new instruments as well.

Rock Band 4 will launch later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.