What one important thing does Age of Wonders 3’s new expansion lack?

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The Eternal Lords expansion for Age of Wonders 3 looks like it may be stuffed to the gills with content. Not only will it add dead people, cat people, and ice people, the DLC features so much more. Cosmic events are random occurrences like a sudden rampaging troll army or a rain of luck-infused shooting stars that can spice up the map for a few turns. Race governance adds an element of race relations to the game by making players care about their long-term interactions with other species. New map locations and a new Unifier victory condition adds further wrinkles. Finally, a whole new story campaign gives folks a reason to work through the goodies.

An epic battle of the forces of creation: fire versus ice, life versus death. As Arvik, heir to a broken Frostling kingdom, you awaken forbidden necromantic powers to reclaim your realm. You will find unlikely allies, and must choose between your Frostling roots and the full potential of your new found powers.

For old-school strategy gamers, Eternal Lords also comes with asynchronous play-by-email functionality. What doesn’t this DLC come with? Free time. You may have some issues getting enough of it to enjoy all the new stuff. You’ll have to work that out on your own. Eternal Lords for Age of Wonders 3 releases on April 14th for $19.99.