Age of Wonders 3 may soon get a zombie apocalypse

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Undead halfling brewmasters. If that doesn’t intrigue you, then you’re an unfeeling brute. Unfeeling I say! Triumph Studios has revealed their next plans for Age of Wonders 3 and it’s the return of the undead to the series. The recent Golden Realms DLC added halflings as a new race to the game, and that was met with varying degrees of satisfaction from players, but the clamor for advocates of the less-than-living have always been loud and clear. People love zombies and reanimated skeletons. Triumph’s latest dev journal acknowledges that yearning and lets fans know that the studio liked the undead all along!

When we started AoW3 and developed the concept of the leader class system, the possibility of a Necromancer class quickly dawned on us. We think implementing Undead as a class has more potential than as a race, because this way we can model a gradual transformation of the leader, the population and the racial units to the undead state. The more they transform, the more powerful they gradually become.

The possibilities are interesting because as a class choice, Necromancers would combine the undead abilities with the different racial features. Ghoul high elven pikemen! Skeletal dwarven deepguard!