Surprise! There are tigers in the next expansion for Age of Wonders 3.

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Everyone knows by now that Triumph Studios is working on an expansion to Age of Wonders 3 that will add Necromancy, the icy race of Frostlings to the game, as well as leader specializations that emphasize the moral alignments already present in the game. (You did know that, right?) Let’s say you’re some kind of weirdo that doesn’t get excited by the idea of undead Halfling cooks or angelic Frostling mammoth riders. Will tiger-men riding a tiger-drawn chariot do it for you?

Tigran Cavalry consists of light chariots functioning as mounted skirmishers. Drawn by sabretooth tigers they share the race’s core abilities such as the predator and athletic abilities, with good melee abilities. Although far more fragile than the cavalry of other races, the charioteers can hurl enchanted sun spears, powerful single shot weapons that do physical and fire damage, and can set opponents on fire.

Tigers on tigers. It’s settled. Thundercats ho! The as-yet unnamed expansion for Age of Wonders 3 is shaping up to be packed with content.