If the Green Bay Packers lose the playoff, you can blame Settlers of Catan

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Remember when the Kansas City Royals had an obsession with Clash of Clans? The Green Bay Packers seem to have a similar affinity for Settlers of Catan. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Wisconsin football team has developed a bit of a Catan habit.

For the past two months, it’s been the talk of the locker room. The number of players that have devoted a long night to the game is in the double-digits and – including most of the team’s starting offensive line, among others. And don’t let the words “board game” fool you, this is not Candy Land.

Any player in the locker room will readily admit that it’s a nerdy endeavor. The game’s object is to build settlements on the board using “resource” cards. Think of it as a fantasy version of Monopoly. “At first we’re like, ‘What the hell is this? Brick? Wool? What kind of game is this?'” said starting center Corey Linsley. But that quickly faded. “We are completely addicted to it, we play it whenever we can,” said tight end Justin Perillo.

Bravo, Green Bay for choosing Catan over something like Risk or Sorry!