Ghost Recon Wildlands’ new endgame goes down to move up

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The latest update for Ghost Recon Wildlands adds an optional Tier 1 mode that increases difficulty and rewards player progression in the later stages of the game. Upon enabling the endgame option, players will start at Tier 50 and accrue experience towards Tier 1. It’s like golf. The lower your number, the better. Except along the way, enemies will grow tougher. At the same time they move down the tiers, players can level up their weapons, increasing the damage output. Got all that? In Ghost Recon Wildlands, your character level now goes from 1 to 30, (35 in the Fallen Angels DLC) then it jumps to Tier 50, then it inches back down to Tier 1. Meanwhile, your rifle goes up to 30.

The Tier 1 update for Ghost Recon Wildlands is available today.