Clash of Clans almost ruined the World Series

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In baseball, it turns out that Clash of Clans is the true enemy. The Kansas City Star reports that the addictive free-to-play iPad game almost scuttled the Kansas City Royals baseball team’s chances for a World Series slot. Early in the season, reserve player Jarrod Dyson introduced outfielder Lorenzo Cain to Clash of Clans. From there, the game spread amongst the team roster until first base coach Rusty Kuntz noticed that team members weren’t spending their time watching plays and memorizing signals via their iPads like they were supposed to.

The game’s verbiage entered the clubhouse lexicon, as players debated the relative merits of their clans and beseeched each other for orders of goblins and witches.

After a series of closed-door meeting were held, players were told to drop the game and concentrate on team improvement. It seems to have worked. The Kansas City Royals were able to recover and are currently in the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. The Royals should’ve played something like Out of the Park Baseball 15. It’s work and play!