Take on Mars takes on survival

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Bohemia Interactive’s Take on Mars is getting a content update that features a manned mission to the red planet. The upcoming Expedition One content update will add a survival and building component to Take on Mars and will change the structure of the game. The game will be divided into two sections. The first half of the game will feature tha current unmanned exploration of Mars via probes and remote-controlled rovers. The latter portion of the game will task players with taking an astronaut to Mars, setting up a habitat, and gathering resources to survive and eventually help establish a martian colony.

“As a studio, we’ve always been obsessed with games that explore topics of human fascination”, said Bohemia Interactive’s CEO, Marek Spanel. “One of those is space exploration. Missions to Mars – from the past, present, and also some ambitious projects for the future – sparked our imagination about what it would be like to be the first human on Mars. We soon felt that this should be the endgame for the Take On Mars campaign.”

The Expedition One content update will be released sometime in Q2 2014. Take on Mars is currently available on Steam early access.