Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley: girls, girls, girls

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Social interactions are as big a part of Harvest Moon games as taking care of your farm. Already in Leaf Valley, I’ve made friends who’ve taught me how to care for chickens and cows, mine, cut lumber, and fish — and in most cases, paid me for it. But you know, I don’t want to come home to an empty house forever. It’s time to pick my wife.

After the jump, meet the future Mrs. Whatever-My-Last-Name-Is

There are eight potential marriage candidates, and the first one I run into is the Harvest Goddess. Yes, really. And she is right out, let me tell you. Mostly because she’s a damn weirdo. Next up is Lyla, who runs the flower shop. She’s a sweet thing, but seems a little…I dunno, fragile. I need a girl with some edge. There’s Katie the waitress, who’s full of spunk. I hate spunk. Moving on.

I do have the option to pursue the miniskirted CEO, Alice. She does have the required edge, no doubt, but she also wants to knock my house down and replace it with a Tilt-A-Whirl. That’s a little too edgy. Ok, why not Dia? She’s cute enough, as you can see from her picture up there. Because Dia’s insane, that’s why not. Girl literally doesn’t leave her house. At all. Creepy! Then there’s Gina, who’s Dia’s maid and is a wee bit obsessed with housecleaning. I think I’ll pass. That leaves Gwen…

Gwen has potential. She works at the ranch and has a great tomboy thing going on. She just might be– Hello, who’s this?

This is Aurelia. She’s a cleric, but available for marriage. Seems she had something of a past, but Father Chester straightened her out. Intriguing! But she still gives him sass for being a bit of a religious loony. Definitely attention-getting. And she’s hot! Ok, friendship and love are increased by giving daily gifts. Check my in-game character profiles, what does she like… lumber. Ok, that’s weird, but we all have our quirks… what else…

…vegetables. I’m a farmer. I’m covered in vegetables. I’m in! Aurelia, you will be mine!

Next time: Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun
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