Microsoft’s E3 presentation brought to you by the power of the cloud

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Microsoft’s E3 kickoff presentation aired live today and it was filled with hyperbole, buzzwords, and CG trailers. Presenters assured the audience that the games shown were only possible using the “unique Xbox One architecture” regardless of whether the product was multiplatform or not. Everything was anchored with the Power of the Cloud ™ which seemed to be the most popular phrase.

True to their word, there was no TV talk. Instead, everyone got a snootful of next-gen trailers. Games shown included a new Killer Instinct, Ryse, Quantum Break, Forza 5, Spark, Dead Rising 3, and Battlefield 4. Almost everything shown was tied to the cloud somehow, used Smartglass, Kinect, and had protaganists with grim and determined faces.

The obligatory E3 Halo trailer was shown. Master Chief had a snazzy torn cloak and I imagine his face looked grim and determined as he looked at something appropriately alien-looking.

Some gameplay from Respawn’s Xbox exclusive, Titanfall, was shown. It had mechs and parkour. And explosions, of course. Imagine Call of Duty with giant robots.

We did get one solid detail that we needed to know. Xbox One will launch for $499 in November.