Conquest of Paradise adds an actual new world in Europa Universalis IV

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Behold an unfamiliar New World in Europa Univeralis IV’s latest add-on, Conquest of Paradise! In the game I just started, this is what you’ll find in place of the usual North and South America. It sort of resembles a squashed Australia, with a crowded Crimean-looking dangly bit on the bottom and the Apache relegated to their own little New Zealand to the south, where they can’t cause any fuss. It may not look like much, but it’s a Big Deal. This is Paradox’s first dalliance with randomized maps. I mean the actual maps are randomized and not just the stuff on them. The manual explains how it works:

…the game draws a box around the regions from Greenland south and west. Pretty much anything past the Azores is going to get mixed up. The engine then generates new continents and islands. We’ve made efforts to get the maps looking sort of like real land masses and not like blobs of space just stuck together. The territories are still grouped into historical regions, of course. There will be a Caribbean region, a Mississippi region and so on, because we use these tags for a bunch of other mechanics in the game, including some new ones. The random maps will also have the same trade nodes (but in different specific locations) and they will feed into each other in the same way that they do on the historical map.

The $15 add-on, available now, also introduces playable Native American nations with unique gameplay and new rules for colonial nations so they aren’t just extra overseas provinces. Maybe it’s time to just call the game Universalis.