This Hori headset illustrates the problem with Nintendo Switch chat

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Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced, one of the big questions people had was how chat would work on the new console? Nintendo’s answer has been a bit vague and disappointing. Essentially, the company told everyone to wait for the launch of a separate phone app in late 2017. Did this mean voice chat wouldn’t be handled natively on the console? Thanks to peripheral manufacturer Hori, we now know how this will look, at least on early solutions. It’s not pretty. The upcoming Hori Switch Splatoon 2 headset plugs into the Switch portable unit and your phone at the same time via a cable splitter. It’s a mess of cables and plugs, but at least the splitter is being manufactured to look like a stylized squid. You can have your in-game Splatoon 2 character wear a set of the same headphones, so there’s that.