Halloween week gaming round-up part 2

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It’s the day before Halloween and developers continue to add free updates to their games to celebrate the spooky holiday. It’s almost a tradition to add trick-or-treat DLC to games in October to revitalize the community. Want Jack O’ Lanterns? We got plenty!

Croteam has added pumpkin gore and Halloween explosions to the PC version of Serious Sam 3: BFE. I guess headless suicide bombers and giant frog-walking beasts weren’t weird enough.

Valve has kicked off their annual Team Fortress 2 Halloween event with Scream Fortress 2013. There’s new items, a new level called Helltower, and you can cast spells that have been added to everyone’s favorite hat collection game. The update will be live until November 11th.

Funcom’s The Secret World is already horror-themed, so you’d expect Halloween to be something special. Well, nothing is scarier than cats! The Cat God has returned! The Halloween update features ten creepy new Item Missions, festive costumes, and new treats to collect.

Finally, it’s not really spooky or creepy, but fans of Uncharted 3 get a treat from Naughty Dog with the game’s 2-year anniversary. The developer is giving away all multiplayer maps. All the DLC maps, including a new level named Dry Docks, are free to everyone with a copy of Uncharted 3! That’s better than candy!

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