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I once said that blood and money are the two things that lead to power in Calradia. I’ve earned enough money to support an army as large as those of other lords of the realm. I’ve spilled, directly and indirectly, enough blood to fill all of the ale kegs in Jelkala.

None of that blood is anywhere near as significant as the blood to be spilled today.

After the jump, a little treason before breakfast, then a little war after lunch

In order to earn the favor of the one man in the kingdom who can give me what I want, there is but one thing to do. I must find and kill a bunch of Sarranids who have done absolutely nothing wrong in order to spark a war that will kill untold hundreds.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The hardest part is actually finding a caravan to devastate. Only after parking my renegade army in the middle of a busy intersection for a week am I finally able to track down a Sarranid caravan. Intercepting them just outside a major Khergit city, I approach them and inform their leader quite loudly that they are in Rhodok territory (blatant lie) and that they are to surrender immediately or die (not a lie). He informs me that we’re nowhere near Rhodok territory and that I am full of it, to which I respond once more that he must surrender or die. He states in no uncertain terms that he will not stand down without a fight.


After the ensuing struggle, the caravan’s entire guard is dead along with two of my men, and I take whatever I can from the wreckage of the convoy while leaving a few items of clear Rhodok army origin amongst the wreckage. We ride back to the city of Veluca where we find Count Fraichin waiting. I inform him of the success of our little plot, and he congratulates me on a job well done. My relations within the realm now fluctuate greatly after this little stunt, with Fraichin becoming my strongest ally and anybody with a shred of honor in the realm losing a great deal of respect for me.

First and foremost among my new detractors is King Graveth himself. He is particularly upset that I would do such a thing in flagrant violation of the truce we have with the Sarranids, and that he would have me executed for treason were I not so valuable to his realm. I hate to break it to you, my liege, but you just missed your one and only chance to get rid of me.

I turn around, travel back to Fraichin, and ask him again to marry me. Instead of waffling around the point, he accepts and begins the arrangements to assemble the lords for a grand feast at which the marriage can take place. I’d be happy with a wedding at the nearest church we could find, but sadly this is the way things will have to be.

Very soon, everything will come together. Then I will be unstoppable.

Tomorrow: here comes the bride.
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