Offworld Trading Company will allow players to act like Ronny Cox in Total Recall

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Soren Johnson’s next game will be Offworld Trading Company, an “economic RTS” set on Mars. The game, developed by Johnson’s newly-formed Mohawk Games, will be published by Stardock. Offworld Trading Company features no military units. Players will have to duke it out with sweet economic leverage and destroy up to seven other human or AI-controlled rivals.

Inspired by classics such as M.U.L.E. and other trading sims, Offworld Trading Company’s conflicts will have their origins in trade and money and the solutions will come from similar interactions. Players can act like the jerk CEO in Total Recall that wanted to corner the market on air!

A basic strategy in Offworld Trading Company might look something like this:

1. Drive up the price of water by buying up the world’s supplies and hoarding them in your stockpile.

2. Hit your opponent with an EMP that temporarily takes out his limited production capabilities, sending his stock price plummeting as he can’t fulfill his company’s needs.

3. Meanwhile, water has become much more expensive on the open market thanks to the reduction in supply – giving you the perfect opportunity to dump your stockpiles and buy up a big chunk of his stock before he can recover.

Pre-orders for Offworld Trading Company have already started for Steam early access granted at a later date. An $80 package is available for people that would like even earlier access to the game’s prototype this Fall.