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Glorious battle seems to have eluded me all throughout this playthrough. All I ask for is a single gigantic siege that results in my kingdom taking an important city from the enemy. Sadly, it seems I was late to that party this time around, as Count Gharmall, the new marshal, is interested only in sitting on the border with the Sarranids until everyone gets tired and decides to sign a peace treaty.

After the jump, disappointment doesn’t last forever

With the war over, things quickly return to normal in the realm. Lords return to their fiefs to replenish depleted armies, I replenish my depleted food supply, and my tool factory in Sarranid territory starts paying out again now that we are no longer at war, replenishing my depleted wallet. Believing I am to be consigned to more small jobs for random lords, I begin to despair and wonder when in the world I will get around to being able to finally acquire a bit of land and a title for myself.

Depressed, I make my way to a feast in the capital of Jelkala. King Graveth has become quite the party-goer, so much so that he is the one paying for the alcohol this time around. At the very least, this feast will give me the opportunity to earn a little goodwill with some of the leaders present. First, I go win the tournament sponsored by the king, earning a little coin for my pocket and a little extra renown. This proves to be decisive, as it draws the attention of a few lords. At the feast, while making the rounds, Lord Fraichin pulls me aside.

Having been one of my admirers of late, Fraichin has a proposal he would like to make once the king is out of earshot. He sees the Sarranids as a great threat, and cannot believe that the realm would stand idly by while they rebuild and prepare for another war against us. Fraichin believes we need to strike first, but that we should preferably do so by provoking the Sarranids into declaring war against us. If only a Sarranid convoy was to be raided and some Rhodok weaponry was left behind…

I have my own proposal for Lord Fraichin, and instead of treason, it is a proposal of marriage. He expresses interest but asks for some time to think about it.

If only there was something I could do for him that might tip that decision in my favor…

Tomorrow: the things I do for love
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