Halloween week gaming round-up

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It’s the week of Halloween! You know what that means. There’s plenty of cheesy content being added to games to get you in the trick-or-treating mood. Here’s the rundown on all the pumpkin flavored goodness.

Redigit has added a Pumpkin Moon event, themed tiles and walls, special pets, costumes, and other treats to the PC version of Terraria. The goodies will be in the game until November 10th at which time the update will revert to the normal content.

Champions Online is bringing back its Bloodmoon event. Takofanes the Undying will spawn every two hours in the game to wreak havoc in Millenium City. Players can collect special Halloween-themed rewards by teaming up to defeat him, or just trick-or-treat around town. It’s like an undead pinata party!

Guild Wars 2 is currently running its Blood and Madness Living World update that will last until the end of the month. The Mad King and his son are invading the world again and it’s up to the players to collect candy corn, navigate a labyrinth, and battle against the Lunatic Inquisition. On October 28th, the Tower of Nightmares event begins, offering more spooktacular sights!

Hallow’s End is World of Warcraft’s annual Halloween event. It features an Headless Horseman, special treats, spooky quests, and a way to trade candy for rare items. Raid group needs healer! Boo!

Marvel Heroes, Tom’s current fave, has Halloween-themed costumes for sale for a limited time. So far, Brood is available for Wolverine, and Franken-Castle is being offered for The Punisher.

EverQuest II is hosting the Nights of the Dead. Ghost-hunting, candy treats, an haunted mansion, and creepy new mobs will be in the game until November 11th for players to experience.

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