The worst thing you’ll see all week: Alyce Kills

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The early parts of Alyce Kills are pretty grating as pretty Alyce and her prettier friend Carroll descend into a vapid rabbit hole of partying, girl angst, faux improvised dialogue, and more partying. I don’t necessarily recommend sticking around for the twist. You’re better off watching Angela Bettis in May or Charlize Theron in Monster or Beatrice Dalle in anything. In fact, just go ahead and watch Jennifer’s Body. But soon enough, the middle act kicks in. As guilt spirals into self-destructive behavior, the movie wisely focuses on the better actress, Jade Dornfeld as Alyce, doing her level best. Some gruesome special effects make an appearance, along with a fascinating turn from an actor named Eddie Rouse as slightly more than your average drug dealer. In fact, the scenes between Alyce and this drug dealer belong in a better movie, minus the tedium, the thin but forced Alice in Wonderland angle, the caricatures that pass for other characters, and whatever political point is made by having Alyce masturbate to news of war in the Middle East. But then, about twenty minutes before it’s over, Alyce Kills comes alive with some wickedly black humor that shows off what Dornfeld and director Jay Lee could have been doing all along. Where was this movie during the other 70 minutes?

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