Why aren’t we getting a Catzilla movie?

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Two horror movies due out in early 2013 are Evil Dead and Mama. Each movie is from a first-time director whose short film got a lot of attention on the internet. In the case of Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez, the short film is Panic Attack!, in which a bunch of CG robots CG through the capital of Uruguay. In the case of Mama director Andres Muschietti, the short film is Mama, in which a couple of little girls run from a freaky zombie. I couldn’t care less about an Evil Dead remake from a guy who stuck giant robots in footage of his home town. But I have high hopes for Mama, which was shepherded to the big screen by Guillermo del Toro (currently doing his own thing with giant robots in Pacific Rim).

Unfortunately, the creators of a PC benchmarking short called Catzilla (you can get it here to test your own PC) probably won’t get to make a feature length film, which is a bit of a shame. Catzilla is a great short, with a playful sense of humor, no shortage of spectacle, and a gratifying payoff. Alas for my poor copy of War of the Monsters that won’t run on the latest Playstation 3!

Oh, and I should warn you to mind the dubstep. I think I’ve had quite enough of that now. How much longer is that stuff going to be around?