Monopoly’s wheelbarrow in trouble

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Hasbro is finally making changes to Monopoly, which has been scientifically proven to be the worst game ever invented (sorry, Tic Tac Toe and Daikatana). Hasbro will let people on Facebook vote one of the pieces out of the box! That’s like letting Youtube commenters decide the winner of American Idol.

You can go here to see how the various pieces are faring. Naturally, the Scottie dog is sitting pretty. Also the battleship and racecar. I would have thought the iron more likely to go than the wheelbarrow, but as anyone holding Facebook stock can attest, who can predict what’s going to happen with Facebook these days?

I know what you’re thinking: when this is all over and there are only seven pieces left, what if I want to play an eight-player Monopoly game? Hasbro anticipated that. You can also vote on a replacement piece, choosing among a cat, a helicopter, a cell phone, a diamond ring, a robot, a guitar, and a Yoda. I only made up one of those. Okay, two.