Pinball FX — nee Zen Pinball — is now complete on the Xbox 360

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It took Zen long enough to get my beloved Paranormal table from the Playstation 3 into my Xbox Live collection where it belonged. I was grateful. I was content. I was then willing to let go of the four core tables for Zen Pinball on the Playstation, which must have been the casualties of some sort of platform-specific deal. Tesla, Shaman, Eldorado, and V12 were the exclusive properties of Sony (and eventually the Nintendo 3DS). I could visit them, but I would never be able to embrace them.

But like hostage victims released many years later, those four tables will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live. You’ll find them listed as “Zen Classics”, available for ten bucks. I can finally take the yellow ribbons off my 360 controller cords.