For the times you can’t find anyone else to play your boardgames

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Bruce Geryk and I appeared on the most recent Three Moves Ahead podcast to discuss solitaire boardgaming, which is something I mostly know from my iPad. But I was glad to get to talk about a really cool boardgame called Nemo’s War, published by Victory Point Games. It’s a real eyesore, but it’s one of my favorite examples of solitaire boardgaming, above and beyond anything on the iPad. Actually, why isn’t Nemo’s War on the iPad, where it could get a little production value?

By the way, that image up there was posted by Blake Phillips on Board Game Geek. It’s how he spent his time during a power outage that lasted several days. If that’s not a case for making sure you have a solitaire boardgame in the house along with candles, extra batteries, and bottled water, I don’t know what is.