Team Fortress 2 celebrates Halloween by doing everything and nothing

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One of the biggest annual events that Valve hosts is the yearly Halloween update for Team Fortress 2. Past events have included special spooky maps, modes, cosmetic accessories, and weapons that could only be accessed during the holiday period. This year, Valve is trying something different. They’re doing nothing. Instead, Valve will flip the switch on Halloween tagged items in the Steam Workshop and let everyone play with user-made items for the holiday while re-enabling past events.

The reality is, if we produce a holiday-specific event map this year, it means we’ll have to stop working on everything else. So: We’ve decided to turn Halloween mostly over to you. This year’s Halloween Update will be a showcase of all the best Halloween-themed community content (items, maps, taunts and unusuals) you guys can come up with.

Whether this should be considered a “treat” or a “trick” is left up to each player.