Why Forza Horizon totally sucks

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Overheard from a level 26 player in the multiplayer lobby of Forza Horizon, a game in which you spin a roulette wheel every time you level up, earning a random car or sum of money:

After level 25 it’s pointless to level up, other than to get free shit, because you don’t get an achievement for it.

I can’t really speak to that, as I haven’t even gotten the achievement for hitting level 10 yet. However, I’m shocked — shocked, I tell you! — that Forza Horizon won’t let me drive a Honda Fit or a Dodge Viper. I shall ragequit forthwith–

Wait, what’s this? A classic black and gold 1977 Trans Am Firebird, one of mankind’s greatest kitsch accomplishments? Forza Horizon may very well be the awesomest driving game ever conceived.