The stupidest thing I’ve ever said?

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While recording an interview with an actual non-gaming broadcasting network about XCOM, the host introduced me as the guy who didn’t like Deus Ex. I confessed that was baggage I carry around, at which point he asked me how long it had been. I noted that was back in 2001 and then, while casting about for something to say — I thought we were going to talk about XCOM — I said something to the effect of, “well, a lot of bad stuff happened back in 2001”.

As the words were leaving my mouth, it was like that moment when you’re swinging the car door shut just as you realize the keys are still in the ignition. “A lot of bad stuff happened back in 2001”? What the…?

I later asked him to edit that out. In case he didn’t, I would like to preemptively apologize for being the sort of dillhole who compares a game he didn’t like to 9/11.