Is Thirty Flights of Loving the best five-minute game since Gravity Bone?

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If you’re interested in level design, theme parks and casinos are great teachers.

Brendon Chung’s commentary mode in Thirty Flights of Loving includes comments like the above quote, a slower look at some of the game’s dizzying edits, and even deleted scenes, such as an earlier incarnation of Anita’s sharpshooter skill that didn’t fit the character. That picture up there tells you all you need to know about Anita, except for the part about her being a confectioner. Don’t worry, it all makes as much sense as it needs to.

Thirty Flights of Loving is Chung’s sequel to Gravity Bone. These aren’t games, and they’re not even stories. They’re snatches of interactive imagery stitched together in the Quake engine, more a series of feelings and images than anything else, cinematic poems about adventure, love, and betrayal. Thirty Flights of Loving is currently available on Steam and it includes Gravity Bone.