Don’t write off The Sims Medieval yet

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Whew. For a while there, I was worried that Sims: Medieval was just going to be a one-off. Fortunately, Electronic Arts hasn’t forgotten about their wonderful fantasy-themed gameplay-infused iteration of The Sims.

…new exhilarating quests expand upon the original adventures like finding the fountain of youth or protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The war between Tredony and Aarbyville creates a new ambition and opportunity for players to suit up their kingdoms. Players can choose to be anyone from a king or queen to a knight or blacksmith, and with that, prepare for voyage accordingly. Treasure hunting is an exciting new gameplay feature in the pack with maps, shovels, rare treasures and surprising dangers, while challenging players to find hidden objects and search for desirable rewards that will benefit their Hero Sims. Other new items include birds that you can name and train, and interrogation chairs.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles has a range of pirate and nobility-themed items that players can use to revamp their creation of legendary swords or embellish their customized royal weddings with new fashion pieces. Bold new signature items can be used as rewards or punishments. As a treat, Hero Sims can now be accompanied by companions such as pet falcons or parrots. If Sims have been more naughty than nice, players can subject them to extreme punishments such as the interrogation chair.

After the jump, a few screenshots and useless observations.

Holy cats, it looks like you can be a pirate queen! Isabella from Dragon Age II has nothing on this chick.

What is going on up there? Does the guy on the right have a flaming sword? Because I already did that quest. And isn’t that the exact same beach already in Sims Medieval where you catch a boat ride to the other kingdoms?

I totally want to dance with her. That’s not a euphemism. I mean that literally. I can’t help but look at that screenshot of that girl in that dress — never mind the bird — and think of the dancing minigame in Sid Meier’s Pirates remake. A lot of people hated that dancing minigame. A lot of people who have no rhythm.