See Gone Home before it got home

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Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip has posted a prototype of Gone Home during the early stages of its development. Designer Steve Gaynor and his team originally created it using Frictional’s Amnesia. Grip writes about it here and provides a link to download it and unpack it into your copy of Amenesia if you’d like a first-hand look.

The prototype is quite short and very basic; it is really more of a proof of concept. But it still gives a very good sense of the game, and having played the full version, I could recognize quite a bit. It does feel a bit awkward to play an early test like this though. Gone Home is a very personal game, and playing this prototype felt like a meta version of the game’s voyeuristic thematics.

Gone Home recently added a commentary mode. You can listen to my conversation with Gaynor on this podcast and read the review here.