It’s an even better day for orcs to die

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Orcs Must Die 2 is pretty much everything I wanted in Orcs Must Die. Namely, a game as good as Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

To see all that stuff in motion reminds me of a carwash. But for orcs. And with blades instead of brushes and acid instead of soap. In the upper left is a net full of boulders that I can drop at any time. On the right, coming down from the ceiling, is a whirring giant eggbeater called a haymaker. It’s positioned over a set of spikes that thrust up through the floor. To the right are jets that shoot out powerful sticky acid. All this stuff is nifty enough. And then I noticed you can scroll the selection box down. There’s whole other screenfuls of traps down there! With the co-op, leaderboards, and a long long menu of stuff to upgrade, this is a game that’s going to have legs where the previous game had stubby appendages.