Daily Little Big Planet 2: such great Hohen

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The problem with that screenshot from my latest level, Punkteparadies, is that it really doesn’t give a proper sense of the speed of the moment. This was my first time driving a vehicle in LBP2. That thing took off like a shot. I had no idea I was in for that kind of speed. But then again, I have no idea what I’m in for in most of these community levels. Because often the directions for said levels are like the following,

Hohe Geschwindigkeit, grosse Hohen und viel Punke. Das findest du alles hier. Wunsche viel Spass!

One of the people I live with happens to know German, having lived there, but she wasn’t home. She would eventually tell me the blurb was talking about great heights and far points or something, but left to my own devices I just decided I was supposed to shoot the glass. When no glass presented itself, I drove that truck. I went straight up a mountainy point–that would be the great height–and got launched into the air. Falling. Falling. Falling. Crushed by truck.

The speed though. Nice. Also I got my 4,000 community bubbles pin in this one. So it worked out.