Neuroshima Hex is almost ready for your dumb friends

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To the unintiated, the above image just looks like a random hex party. But to folks who’ve played Neuroshima Hex, it looks like the turn from hell. Imagine trying to parse what’s going to happen in that turn.

Neuroshima Hex is a boardgame in which players take turns laying tiles representing post-apocalyptic armies. The tiles variously shoot, pin, cover, protect, enhance, and trump each other. At some point someone lays down a “go!” tile and then it all falls apart in methodically brutal and spectacular fashion. Well, as spectacular as a mathy but atmospheric tile-laying game can be.

The iPhone port of Neuroshima Hex is great stuff, except that it has a good AI. This is one of those games, like chess, that’s built for AI. AI that is better than you (me), even when it’s not very good. Neuroshima Hex is all about looking at patterns and anticipating how the pieces will interact over several successive moves. Since computers have an unfair advantage in that department, it’s too bad you can’t play Neuroshima Hex against your dumb friends on Gamecenter. Like me.

But all that changes soon. The developers at Big Daddy Creations just announced the long promised (free) multiplayer update has just been submitted to Apple! So if you’re dumber than me — surely there are a few of you out there — hit me up on Gamecenter and we’ll see whose mental capacity to look ahead is smallest.