Arma 3 Beta begins soon; Alpha players can get it now

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The Arma series was once explained to me as games that try to simulate every aspect of being a soldier on deployment, including the confusion, boredom, and plain unfairness of being a low-level grunt surrounded by machines and men trying to kill you. This is no Call of Duty or Battlefield. This is a series that takes great pride in the fact that you can be killed by a sniper a kilometer away and there’s nothing you can do about it because sometimes the other guys just have better toys.

Bohemia Interactive’s combined arms military simulator Arma 3 Alpha has been available on Steam Early Access since March, but the developer announced that the Beta will officially begin on June 25th. The Beta adds a Green faction to the game’s current Red and Blue forces, as well as new vehicles, weapons, and missions. Owners of the Alpha can get the Beta now by participating in the development branch. Just set your Steam game properties to opt in the Beta.

Having just showed off the Beta for Arma 3 at E3 2013, we are keen to get it into gamers’ hands quickly. Bringing some heavy firepower and additional transport options will allow for more diverse scenarios in both singleplayer and multiplayer. We also can’t wait to open up the Steam Workshop scenario publication, which will make content-sharing with other players much more convenient.

One of the ten new vehicles being added is the Ghosthawk, based on the highly classified officially-does-not-exist stealthy helicopter made famous by the US military’s raid on the Bin Laden compound. You can see some in-game video of it in action here during a pre-E3 event.

When the Beta goes live, the early access price will increase from $32.99 to $44.99, so get it while you can if you want to take advantage of the discount. If you’re one of those people that wants to give more money to the developer, there is a Supporter Edition available at the developer’s store.