You won’t believe the music in SSX

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When I played Saints Row 3, I eventually set up a custom mix tape consisting of my favorite songs from the various radio stations. Thanks, game, for letting me assemble from your licensed music my own personalized soundtrack!

So after my first few runs in SSX, unimpressed by the random tracks that played — Who knew Foster The People has a song that isn’t Pumped Up Kicks? — I went into the custom music option to pick which tracks would accompany me down SSX’s glorious mountains. And what a surprise to discover they’d licensed Daft Punk’s soundtrack to Tron. What a great idea. That’s perfect snowboarding music!

But as I went down the list, I was surprised to find so many Doors songs. I mean, I’m a big Doors fan, but is that appropriate snowboarding music? Or did they just get it really cheaply, because there are a lot of obscure Doors songs in here. Scrolling down…wait a minute. Heart? What? Who snowboards to Crazy For You? Besides me, I mean. Am I in the classic rock section of the soundtrack? Apparently not, because they also have Kesha’s first album. The whole album. What is going on here?

Oh, wait, has SSX gotten into my Xbox Live media center. For one brief shining moment, I thought Electronic Arts’ taste in music was as bad as mine.