Mass Effect novel outed as fictional

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The surprising thing about this list of inaccuracies in the latest Mass Effect novel, Mass Effect: Deception, isn’t that it’s so long. The surprising thing is that some of the inaccuracies are so egregious. And the even more surprising thing is that Bioware has conceded that some of them are actual mistakes. They’ve promised to address some of the issues in a later print run. It’s almost as if George Lucas admitted that Greedo didn’t shoot first.

I don’t have enough insight into the Mass Effect universe to understand some of these complaints, but then again I haven’t been contracted to write a Mass Effect novel. But I have to wonder why Bioware didn’t catch author William Deitz’ errors of krogan anatomy, batarian isolationism, quarian largesse, volus couture, and even the sexual predilection of at least one character. Bioware’s lore keepers should be at least as astute as the police.